It is not just  about
dancing -

more you know
about your performance 

better dancer you become



diagnostic and monitoring
training ca
05-07 May  -  

Our event is separated into 
fundamental parts:

You can learn about these research works developed by some of the legends in our sport.

Group Lessons
To experience and bring some of these ideas into practice and adapt them to your dance.

The opportunity to individualize the work and focus attention on you and your partner.

Coached Practice
6 hours where some of our teachers will help you put the whole set in motion ( 3 ST and 3 LA).

Monmitoring i Diagnostic
With the best professional sports equipment and professionals
Your dance performance can be measured

1. Optimize your performance                        
2. Reduce the risk of injury                            
3. Performance analysis                               
4. Real training and competition conditions     
5. Skip data collected under labor environment

Our recommendation is that you participate in
all these training activities
that are designed
to optimize the work and the learning process.

Catapult monitoring

During the practice, monitoring
- Heart rate

- Movement speed
- Maximum speed
- Aacceleration and reaction 
- Movement quantity - distance (m)
- Recovery time
- Decceleration and 
reaction time

- Printed report

Cortex spiroergometry analysis

During the practice, monitoring
- Maximum oxygan uptake

- Heart rate monitoring

- Vital capacity

- Intensity of movement

- Aerobic capacity

- Anaerobic threshold

- Printed report

Spiroergometry - Incremental Treadmill test

Spiroergometry - Incremental treadmill test

  1. Test to exhaustion
  2. Determination of
  • VO2 max
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Time in anaerobic zone
  • Breathing efficiency
  • Velocity at anaerobicthreshold
  • Antropometric measurement
  • Body composition analyser

cooperation with University of Kinesology Zagreb